Yts The Gentlemen




  1. USA
  2. Genre Crime, Action
  3. 1 Hours, 53 Minutes
  4. Casts Jeremy Strong
  5. Ivan Atkinson

Im excited apart from the bit were it looks like masked people dancing in a music videos that worrys me. Weve seen every half-assed sitcom do this gag episode of the cowardly husband hundreds of times. We dont need to see Will Ferrel try to act again. Yts the gentlemen video. Někdy je opravdu lepší nedělat pokračování některých filmů. Samotný film Suicide sq. byl ve finále taky úplná kravina... za poslední 3 roky nebyl v kině jediný film, za který by se mi chtělo utratit peníze, protože nebyl až tak skvělý...


Ben's movies are always amazing & intriguing! Can't wait. Thumbs up if you feel the same. Ruining Sonic The Hedgehog for good. Guy Richie, makes the best films man!love it. Stokes to see this. Yts the gentlemen full. The movie is herem full of war, action and killings of the people all in one place.

But what's it about. From the acting to the story, cinematography, pacing, dialogue, humour and overall enjoyment I cannot fault it... 10/10. Special credit goes to Colin Farrell and his acting. Quote of the movie “its not a coincidence. Theres fuckery afoot” Absolutely loved this movie. Paid to see it twice and dont regret it 🙌.

Why did they play that “outtake” it was irrelevant to anything

My word these two can be self-satisfied, sanctimonious and censorious. One unnecessary meditation on racism aside, the film was a rollicking good couple of hours. They should make more race history movies like this. Yts the gentlemen man. At the end of the movie Deadpool wakes up from an acid trip.

Meh I like snatch and two smoking barrels that is enough british for me. Yts the gentlemen club. Is anyone else getting Hoosiers vibes, if Ben Affleck was Gene Hackman and Dennis Hopper rolled into one character? No? Just me. Erin Hulkovich. Loved the twists of this movie. Guy Richie delivers again. Only negative comment is the used of the c u next Tuesday word throughout the movie.

You got anything to declare? Yea dont goto england. im getting that vibe pumped for this. Yts the gentlemen 2. Yts the gentlemen 3. Yts The gentlemen extraordinaires. Yts the gentlemen free. No, they expect one of us in the wreckage brother 'but i just started last week.

Yts the gentlemen watch. Yts the gentlemen cast. After seeing the film at an advanced screening I was left pleasently surprised. It is one of the best crime films I have watched and the best from Guy better than Snatch and Lock Stock, which is something. YESSIR! British rap is lit! U want good flows, check out Skepta 🥵🥵🥵. First trailer from the writer / director of the last jedi aaaaand i'm out. When are u going to post the interview with little mix. This is like different generations of thirst for me all at once. Yts the gentlemen book. Trailers these days, I just saw a condensed version of the entire movie.

Yts The gentlemen. Yts the gentlemen online. No ones talking about Colin Farrell saying “Phuc calm the phuc”. McConaughey premier the movie on UT campus (he an alumni. Yts the gentlemen band. Yts the gentlemen tv show. Yts the gentlemen 2017.

Yts the gentlemen of the jungle

Ok are these in coming in 2020 because like half of these are out now, 2019. Yts the gentlemen series. No clue why this was recommended to me, but damn this was awesome.


The things i have to watch to see miranda otto. Why does Hugh Grant look like Tom Cruise? Also, I couldn't even tell that that was Hugh Grant until the end. Dang, he chameleoned the shit outta this role. Yts the gentlemen movie. Yts the gentlemen song. We dont really get movies like this anymore. Movies these days are cheap money grabbers and superhero films. This is a whole different class of film. The movie had me holding my stomach at so many parts but the parachutes line had me in tears! Good cleanser for all the heavy Oscar films lately. Yts the gentlemen lyrics. Worst filmmaker/ director' since michael bay and shyamalan... Ts getelementsbyclassname. Yts the gentlemen youtube.


Yts the gentlemen 2016. I thought this movie came out last year. Not a week ago. Yts The gentlemen drivers. Grace, you cannot do the alright, alright, alright well, but the attempt is appreciated.


8.3/ 10stars

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